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Small & Medium Enterprise Development

Small & Medium Enterprise Dev.

DAYA PERTIWI’s priority is to develop, provide services and empower the micro, small and medium scale business sector in Indonesia. In this respect, DAYA PERTIWI makes available business programs in areas considered important in several ways.

This SMEs Development program is undertaken in 3 stages, namely,

  1. The launching Stage: conduct surveys, promotion, appreciation workshops, selection and recruitment of potential participants.
  2. Training Stages (Expand vision and skills in business management as well as business planning.
  3. Follow-up Stage (monitoring, consultation and facilitating).

A team of experts in training and business counsel who are well versed in entrepreneurial development models and who have extensive experience in its applications manages SMED. These activities have been financed by co-financing of European Union and NCOS (now being called “11.11.11”) – a Belgium NGO, for the period 1998-2001 for the area of East Java and Bali and West Timor financed by co-financing of European Union and EZE Germany for the period 2003-2005.

SMED principles/philosophy

The businessperson is an agent in need of the ability to mobilize capital, utilize natural resources, create markets and sustain their business. He/She could combine competence, capabilities and abilities to manage to change the resources and opportunities to become profitable activities. Although it is said that business people are not created, it is also consented that business people are neither born.

These facts direct us to the reality that business people who have potential can be oriented, motivated and stimulated to start a business. Similarly, people with certain potentials (would be businessman/ woman) must be identified revealed and developed through training. Moreover under the current crises that Indonesia is trying to overcome, it is necessary that the business people be sustained and expanded. In view of the foregoing, DAYA PERTIWI considers it essential to design an integrated training program and post training services to serve the aforementioned purposes in as professional an effort as possible.


SMED Objectives

The SMED program serves to develop entrepreneurial skills for the small and skills for the small and medium enterprises. This program trains the participants to:

  • Apply their entrepreneurial skills
  • Identify and select business projects that are feasible or expand existing businesses, and
  • Prepare a carefully planned business proposal for presentation to financial institutions


SMED’s Target Participants and Working Areas

  • Business people of micro, small and medium scale
  • The unemployed who nevertheless have certain skills
  • Male and or female
  • Married or single
  • Above 21 of age

This project has been implemented in East Java and Bali. It would appear that the implementation of the SMED training is becoming more effective by the year as is evident from the increasing number of participants coming from outside the project area (West Timor and West Papua) in order to sign up for the SMED training. It meant that SMED not merely implemented in East Java & Bali as planned but it has extended to West Timor as well as West Papua. The SMED is running very smoothly, DAYA PERTIWI has succeeded in establishing functional linkages with a broad range of partners who desire to co-operate fully with the project. SMED on Bali increasingly knows its potential as the entry point for support to the further development in East Indonesia. DAYA PERTIWI wants to use its extensive network in Bali when it will further develop its programme in the eastern part of Indonesia.

Another interesting evolution in the Bali component of the programme is the smooth development of the entrepreneurs’ organisations. The association of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurs’ co-operative that have been created are developing smoothly. They try to combine a cautious management with steady growth and prove to be good institutions to realise co-operation between small and medium-scale entrepreneurs. It is expected that these organisations will play an important role in future programmes promoted by DAYA PERTIWI.

Related to the previous point and considering the potential of entrepreneurs in Bali and in East-Java, DAYA PERTIWI intends to promote, via the entrepreneurs’ organisations, linkages with alternative trade organisations in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Linkages in SMED Program

In assisting the small and medium scale entrepreneurial society, DAYA PERTIWI sets a cost affordable this program. Said cost includes follow-up services for one year. To further boost the quality of its services, DAYA PERTIWI cooperates with Western NGOs, DAYA PERTIWI business units, State Corporations, banking sector, business community and government agencies, all actors whom have supported this program.

Since its inception, DAYA PERTIWI has always taken care of positioning itself in the existing institutional landscape. It has always avoided of duplicating existing efforts and tried to play a facilitating, complementing and liaising role. Only in areas where other initiatives (both governmental and non-governmental) are lacking, DAYA PERTIWI has taken up a more active role.

Benefit of The SMED Program

  1. The concepts of entrepreneurship are conveyed through action and on the spot learning
  2. Participants will prepare a business project proposal which represent their actual businesses that they are expected to apply upon completion of their training
  3. Follow-up services are provided to the alumni (consultations, monitoring, training in production techniques and other facilities).
  4. Business information services and contacts with other institutions/companies as well as inter-business cooperation.
  5. Contacts with financial institutions or other related institutions offering better aid programs for the micro, small and medium enterprises.