Welcome to Daya Pertiwi Foundation, we are developing of people's economy and the environment preservation since 1977
Foundation's Activities Video

Generating Optimism In The Land Of Dragon Part#2

The ongoing program to support community in increasing the routine income as well sustaining business opportunity through Community Based Economy Development and Small Enterprise Development

Revitalizing Salarium In The East Of Bali

A program supported by ICCO & Kerk In Actie to connect farmers with the market industry and creating value chain development to sustain the cooperation between Farmers, Market and collectors in revitalizing Salt industry in the East of Bali

Improving economy in Nusa Penida part#01

Improving Economy In Nusa Penida, The Province of Bali, Indonesia. M4P (Making Market Work For Poor People) and Value Chain Development. Funded by ICCO and Kerk In Actie.
Resurecting The Pride Of Cashew Production In Nusa Penida.

Generating Optimism In The Land Of Dragons

Yayasan Daya Pertiwi - The Achievement

The profile of Yayasan Daya Pertiwi/Daya Pertiwi Foundation whose existence has been well proven during the decades as well as its goal to increase the income of community through all visibly programs that based on local wisdom for the dignity of the people

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